Unattended Children

The staff of the Jefferson County Library System cannot be responsible for the safety of children who are left unattended in the library buildings or who leave a library building or its grounds.  It is tempting to believe the library is a haven that children can visit without worrying about safety; unfortunately, this is not the case.  A library is a public building open to all.  The same precautions should be used for ensuring a child’s safety as in any other public location. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the ongoing good and civil behavior of their child who is using the services of the Library or on Library property.  It is the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to ensure the safety of their child, as well as the behavior of the child, while they are in the Library.  The staff members will not watch or baby-sit each individual child who is using the services of the Library.

Children 8 and younger can’t be in the library for any reason without their parents. Children between the age of 9 and 12 can be dropped off at the library by their parents and may stay at the library for no longer than two hours.  At that point the parent has to come pick the child up.   Children thirteen and older can be in the library on their own as long as they conduct themselves in a quiet manner.   All children, 14 years of age and younger, who are still in the Library at closing time will be allowed to call for a ride.  If a parent or caregiver has not arrived within 15 minutes after closing, the local city police department will be called to remain with the child until their appropriate ride arrives.

Based on Board approved policies:
Policy Regarding Children Jefferson County Library System- Approved 9/21/2015
Policy for Unattended Children in the Library Jefferson County Library System- Approved 11/10/2005



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